Saturday, March 26, 2005

My Creation Declaration

As promised, my Creation Declaration for a new position.





My new position takes me back into the heart of working within the creative and/or cultural industries and with creative people, which has always been my passion. Ever since I worked as a Publicity Manager, the part I enjoyed most about that position was going on photographic and film shoots, working with graphic and web designers, advertising agencies. Working with film directors, editors etc. Developing, implementing and monitoring the success of a concept and an overall campaign.

My expressed declaration is that I see my new position as having those activities in abundance. I work in a clear glass, minimalist building overlooking a river. The atmosphere within this organization is that it is an environment which focuses on creativity and expressing joy through their creativity.

The age range in this particular organization is 25 - 50 and it is ethnically diverse as well with equal numbers of men and women. It contributes to the wellbeing of everyone who works in it. It is a happy and motivated environment. The organization's values are aligned with my own values so: creativity, autonomy, harmony, focus, bringing together diversity of thought and feeling to a cohesive whole, understanding and working with ambiguity are key to its operation.

In fact the environment is constantly like the environment that I worked on for the C.A.L.M campaign - everyone does their best for the campaign at hand and office politics are kept to a minimum. I get on well with all of my colleagues and they understand how and when I work best - in a relatively calm and quiet, but creative environment (I am a Highly Sensitive Person after all:.)

Meetings are held on my terms - in the morning, no more than 6 people at any given time and enough time for me to absorb the material and make a full contribution. This isn't, however, a meetings obsessed organization; we are more keen on getting things done and more importantly, enjoying the process of getting them done.

There are a lot of cafes, shops around where I can buy healthy food. There is either a gym on the premises or subsidised arrangement with a nearby fitness centre. The organization is well regarded as being a leader in its field.

It is a senior management post with a starting salary of £40,000, with the normal pension benefits, 5-6 weeks leave etc and the opportunity to work from home if necessary. I work a 4 day week, leaving time for me to participate in other hobbies, activities and be with the ones I love. The organization is located in either North London (no more than 5 mins away from Kings Cross Station), Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire, within the major towns and cities in these areas.

Who am I in this job?

I manage a substantial budget and a small group of staff. My position is represented on the Board of Management, which means that I have substantial input and influence over the direction of the organization. My coaching experience becomes invaluable when I manage people and deal with the inevitable conflicts and disagreeements, which to me, are fertile ground to get the best out of people and making something work. If they didn't care, there wouldn't be conflict, so it shows enthusiasm! But I'm digressing a bit here.

I start work at 9.30 and leave at 5.30, with 45 mins for lunch. The It is understood that working continously long hours doesn't make anyone more productive and in fact the opposite is true. My colleagues understand that it isn't the length of time that I work there, but how productive and focused I am in the time that I am there.

I am calm, creative, focused, energetic, assertive and dynamic in this position. Are these contradictory? Not at all, we all hold the energies of different qualities within us and these qualities are shown to us when necessary. I see myself working easily and effortlessly at this post and being offered the post by the end of April to start in May.

I feel good here, I belong here. I work in an organization with kudos and respect of working within a high profile private company but with the ethos and ethics of public service. I have the best of both worlds. In the future I see myself as an Art Consultant or Business Coach to those in the creative industries, but in a more structured way - this post is a stepping stone to my goal.

This position also provides me with the ability to make more friends, contact, colleagues, associates, and meeting new people, no matter what capacity, is always a pleasure and a joy. I Of course I make a major difference to the organization.........

"I am productive. My work is lucrative. I feel good about what I do. I help others to feel the value of themselves as a result of interacting with me."

There are so many opportunities available to me right now, so many organizations that fit the bill. Here are just a few on my roll call:

Bedford College
The Hat Factory/Head Start
Arts Admin
Film London
Skills Base
Skills Set
British Film Institute
Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
Communicators in Business
Arts Marketing Association
Audiences London
Creative Capital Networking Projects
Arts in Business
London Association of Art and Design in Education
Arts Council
Create KX
Creative Action Design
One Strategic Communication
Oak Creative Partners

However, I open myself up to receive either this or something better from the Universe.

I am in alignment with the powerful, energetic truth of this document and allow the experience to unfold.

The Universe will support the attraction of this experience in a form that promises to be for the highest good of all concerned.

I surrender all attachements to the outcome and time frames and I align my will and God's will now; I know that it is making its way to me and that it has already been completed within another dimension.

My job is to: listen, trust and take guided action.

And so it is and so it is.

Signed: Julie Plenty

Date: 26th March 2005

Preparing my Creation Declaration

I haven't posted for a while to this blog - mainly because I have another blog (manifestingplenty) where I put a lot of my articles - but I've decided to make this blog the arena for some of my prosperity processes. I've been a member of the Prosperity Partnership, run by Elyse Killoran and her program goes into great detail about we can create prosperity in our lives and more importantly, there are a lot of tools, exercises that really shift your energy and I know that they work; because I've done them. But for a variety of reasons I stopped doing them and now it's time to get back onto those processes.

I've closed down the coaching practice/ website business and will for now only operate a blog. You can find out my reasons why by visiting
my other blog.

So now it's time to go back into the workplace - which initially I wasn't keen on doing - but in line with the Law of Attraction, am beginning to see the benefits of doing so. So it's time for a Creation Declaration or Statement of Intent. This is also known as Life Scripting, where you describe in great details what I want in its most ideal and highest form, commit this paper and in doing so start to align my energy to receive it. It works extraordinarily well - in the writing I start getting clarity about what I want and the completed version then feels like a release.

I write and focus and think about what I want until frankly, I'm sick of it - then I can let it go and open myself up to allow myself to receive it. I then start to take
inspired action - action that is based from inspiration, intuition and from a deeper sense of knowing, rather than something that I feel I "ought" to do or someone told me to do. So it's time to script the perfect position for me right now. This can often feel like a stream of consciousness and I do feel exposed over making what is personal public. But then that is what blogs are all about right?