Sunday, November 14, 2004

Contrast and the Coach

I've been thinking a lot about contrast today. What's contrast? Knowing about contrast is one of the key elements of the Law of Attraction. To have contrast means that you attract experiences you don't want, so that you gain clarity about what you so.

The only difficulty is that sometimes we live in the don't wants of our lives, while we should really only be visiting. They serve to give us clarity - that's' all.

It is often much easier for people to state what they don't want in their lives and this is a necessary step. Think about it. For instance, ask someone what they like about their job and then what they dislike. How much time do you think is assigned to each category? We are much more used to looking at, and often living, in the negative. We live in the "don't wants" of our lives (and wonder why something seems to be missing). What needs to be realised is that the "don't want" is only there for clarification. We don't have to live there (we don't have to do anything, actually), but can visit very briefly for clarity's sake.

So many of us don't really know what we want, because we're so influenced by beliefs we don't even know we have, but are holding us back. Everyone else is in our head, taking up space, but not us. And often we need to vent out our don't wants before we realise this.

I went to San Francisco and New York recently for a short break. Before I left, I was convinced that I'd prefer San Francisco to New York. I used to live in London, but moved out a few years back and thought that San Fran, being smaller, would be my preference. How wrong was I? I like San Francisco well enough, but loved New York. Yes, I was staying in central Manhattan with family, right in the heart of everything - but as soon as I shut the door everything was quiet again and I really enjoyed the contrast of that.

I guess what I'm saying is that I liked the contrast between the peace and quiet and stimulation. And that I actually prefer that contrast in my environment. I've tended too much towards the peace and quiet recently and realise that I also like being in the hub of activity. But I found this out through contrast and comparison with New York and San Francisco.

And I'm digressing again - but a thought for today - the don't wants are for clarity only. I can't say this enough. As soon as you have the clarity, start focusing your feeling on the wants and keep it there!


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