Saturday, March 26, 2005

Preparing my Creation Declaration

I haven't posted for a while to this blog - mainly because I have another blog (manifestingplenty) where I put a lot of my articles - but I've decided to make this blog the arena for some of my prosperity processes. I've been a member of the Prosperity Partnership, run by Elyse Killoran and her program goes into great detail about we can create prosperity in our lives and more importantly, there are a lot of tools, exercises that really shift your energy and I know that they work; because I've done them. But for a variety of reasons I stopped doing them and now it's time to get back onto those processes.

I've closed down the coaching practice/ website business and will for now only operate a blog. You can find out my reasons why by visiting
my other blog.

So now it's time to go back into the workplace - which initially I wasn't keen on doing - but in line with the Law of Attraction, am beginning to see the benefits of doing so. So it's time for a Creation Declaration or Statement of Intent. This is also known as Life Scripting, where you describe in great details what I want in its most ideal and highest form, commit this paper and in doing so start to align my energy to receive it. It works extraordinarily well - in the writing I start getting clarity about what I want and the completed version then feels like a release.

I write and focus and think about what I want until frankly, I'm sick of it - then I can let it go and open myself up to allow myself to receive it. I then start to take
inspired action - action that is based from inspiration, intuition and from a deeper sense of knowing, rather than something that I feel I "ought" to do or someone told me to do. So it's time to script the perfect position for me right now. This can often feel like a stream of consciousness and I do feel exposed over making what is personal public. But then that is what blogs are all about right?


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